AJ Waugh also known as Waufflez is a DMV based photographer and videographer capturing the raw energy  of the D.C. concert scene. Born and bred in Alexandria, Virginia, he grew up a creative kid always drawing and making things. AJ obsessed over music, wrestling and sneakers; spending endless hours watching music videos and collecting tons of magazines and tearing out the pictures to plaster all over any and everything. He first became interested in video when he was placed in a news production class to fill out his schedule in his senior year of high school. After bouncing around a few colleges chasing football dreams, AJ settled at Virginia State University majoring in communications and received his first camera since childhood as a  gift. That camera helped him get through one of the most difficult periods of his life and find new purpose.

Waufflez uses visual storytelling to capture the moments and memories that deserve to live on far past their expiration date. He has been covering underground rap shows and cultural events around the city since late 2016 and continues to grow and develop within the music scene as well as other types of photography. Waufflez plans to venture into more video content and collaborations while also establishing his AVAlien. brand in 2018.

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