Do More of What Makes You Happy. -- Johnny Cupcakes

At 17 I  never would have thought that the seemingly random class that produced the morning news I was placed in to fill up my senior year schedule would transform my entire career path. Despite being an artsy, creative kid that loved music videos, it didn’t click that this could be my way of expression until the end of high school. This random elective that I didn't even elect ended up being the first one to hold my attention and one of the only classes I earned an A in throughout my high school career. In college I was given my first DLSR camera and it was one of the greatest gifts I've ever received. That camera helped me to work through what I now see was one of the darkest periods in my life. Being behind the camera and creating visuals became the only thing that felt natural to me. I made the difficult decision to leave my football career in the past and fully immersed myself in everything related to photography and film that I could. I completed an internship with campus broadcast services, became a photographer for the student newspaper and completed every freelance or volunteer opportunity that came my way. As Graduation crept closer I applied to two of the biggest film and art programs on the east coast and was denied from both. I returned home with my degree frustrated but undeterred. While this felt like a setback at the time, I realize now it allowed me the opportunity to develop and work on my craft on my own.

It was during this period that I realized this is what I truly want to spend the rest of my life doing – telling stories through my work that are relatable and entertaining to people like me and my friends. I want to cover events that create meaningful conversation that are the building blocks for pushing cultures forward; to capture moments and memories with such intensity that they live on way past their expiration date. My entire life I have been a quiet and shy person – always listening and observing but rarely actually speaking my mind. I feel that I have finally found my voice through my work and cannot wait to have a platform to finally showcase my ideas, views, and inspirations to the world.